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Relocating might seem an easy job, as you only have to pack your belongings inside tough cardboard boxes, seal them with cellulose tape, and hire a truck or van to transport them to your new abode. Obviously, you need to be a superman to lift cabinets and the other furniture of your house, such as tables and sofas. If this is not enough, you need to ensure that you insure your belongings so that you receive compensation in case they are damaged during the transportation process. Do not forget to hire the services of one of the public notaries to notarize your legal documents like the purchase deeds of your old and new abode. Obviously, you will also require professional passport pictures taken for several purposes.

Instead of wasting time handling the moving process yourself, hire the services of a professional home moving company. They have the professional equipment and manpower required for the task. They will also arrange for moving home insurance cover. As they are insured, you get a double coverage for your valuables. They have the requisite packing and moving supplies required for the job. Their professionalism ensures that all your goods are stored in the respective places once the home mover agency unpacks and stores them in your new abode.

Change of address

Instead of wasting time sending emails to your contacts about your change of address, opt for hiring a P.O. Box. You should first include your old address and your new one on the online form of USPS for free. If you have already surrendered your internet connection and are waiting for the new one, visit the post office associated with the address of your new abode, purchase a physical form for $1 and fill it up with your previous and current address, submit it, and then hire a P.O. Box, the dimensions of which are adequate for your mails. The rentals are quite cheap and start at $10 for six months. Once you have paid the requisite sum, the staff of the post office will provide you with a specific key for your P.O. Box. You can use the key to unlock the post office box and retrieve your mails. By the way, all mails to your old address will be redirected to your P.O. Box.

Public notaries and passport pictures

You also need the help of public notaries to sign and seal photocopies of the purchase deed of your old and new residence. You can submit notarized copies of the deed as proof of address when applying for new utility connections, as well as when requesting for change of address in your passport. Do not forget to visit the local studio to have your passport pictures taken and get several copies of them printed. They should be of 2" x 2" dimension, have a white background, and should display both your ears clearly.

Why waste your energy and valuable time, when you can hand over the entire job to professionals, who will take care of all of the above tasks for a negligible sum? Make relocating easy today!

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